About us

Festival Aurora is a non-profit organization aiming to spread holistic disciplines in a way that is authentic, non-dogmatic, compatible with everyday life.
We offer the possibility to explore lineages that have come down to us from millennium-old traditions, nevertheless effective even today.
We wish to retrieve and share the essence of an ancient and forgotten self-healing capacity, based on the integration of opposites and on the power of feminine energy.
This capacity remains latent in all of us: it is time to learn how to use it again.
Working on our individual self-awareness is the basis for the necessary regeneration of society and the Earth: a new renaissance, to confront the epochal passage we are going through.

We live in a time of transformations, which often manifest themselves through dramatic conflict. And yet, this age offers great opportunities. From every time and place, a variety of spiritual and philosophical approaches emerge aimed at healing the body and soul.
Mysteries carefully guarded for millennia are now being revealed – not only to small groups of disciples, but to anyone who seeks them. Now it is our turn to break the seals of secrets containing other secrets, to receive them gratefully and disseminate them generously, as a contribution toward a new humanity. There are many ways of developing this sensitivity; it’s up to us to choose the ones most suited to our needs, in order to transform a crisis into an opportunity for growth. Each of the four women founders of aurora has journeyed through a variety of disciplines. We now put ourselves at your service to organize encounters through courses that are the fruit of our personal experiences.
Aurora is the “rosy-fingered dawn,” as Homer called her… The first glimmer of sun rising to reconfirm each new day.