Aurora Festival of Nature and Spirit is an occasion to meet, exchange and deepen our understanding of such current issues as our relationship with nature and the environment, not only in scientific terms, but also in our personal and spiritual understanding.

In a moment of crisis in our culture the Aurora Festival wants to contribute to a need that is very present in the West: to reestablish a direct connection with nature, feel part of nature, connected to all things and in the presence of the unceasing creative miracle of life.

Each year we offer a range of options from our masters, artists, scholars, therapists and quality researchers. There are seminars, conferences, encounters, roundtables, concerts, lectures, private consultations, collective dances, ceremonies, and evening events open to the public…

Pienza, an ideal Renaissance town, the Val d’Orcia and Montichiello, a medieval village and home of the Teatro Povero di Montichiello are the theaters of a festival to be celebrated together.

Once a year, at the beginning of the summer, an inter-disciplinary gathering takes place in Tuscany, 60 km south of Siena, in Pienza. The countryside around Val d’Orcia is breathtaking, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and Pienza is a jewel, known as the touchstone of Renaissance urbanism.

In the morning, you will participate in lectures and round tables by world class speakers in an historical building in the centre of Pienza. Lunch around town; in fifteen minutes drive along scenic winding roads you arrive at Podere Isabella, a beautiful Tuscan villa with meditation center, where the afternoon workshops will take place.
Dinner will be cooked and served each night al fresco by a different organic Chef: a Tuscan Traditional dinner, an International Vegetarian dinner and -last but not least- a Vegetarian Cordon Bleu, accompanied by world famous local wines.
Between Pienza and the villa, there is a scenic medieval hamlet, Monticchiello, renowned for its theater company, where theatrical events will be taking place.