Shamanic healing: Step into change

with Jonthan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback

Shamanic healing: Step into change

25-28 Settembre 2014

Strada Castelvecchio 40
10024 Moncalieri (To)

Taught by Jonathan and Zara in English

For info: Delfina Testa

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Most shamanic healing work requires some amount of change, but sometimes this can be difficult to accept. We may want to hold on to life as we know it and change can seem challenging, uncomfortable or frightening. We all want to change as long as we don’t have to change…But working with the Spirits often brings us to a place where we have to say goodbye to what we know and accept the new.

This course invites you to work with change in a powerful way. We will ask for help to take the steps we need to take, to move with the shifting world around us, and find good endings and inspiring beginnings.

Using medicine walks, ritual, drum journeys and dance, the workshop also explores what Nature and the cycle of the seasons can teach us, and what in your life is waiting to transform.

Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman’s Journey or agreed equivalent.

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