Wounded West

The healing potential of shamanism in contemporary world

Wounded West

All of us modern western citizens today realize we are witness and participants a particularly intense time of transformation for humanity. The western model of development is going through a deep structural crisis involving all of us at a personal, social, economic, cultural and ecological level. We present you with an essay by Argentinian anthropologist Ana Maria Llamazares, who analizes the epistemological causes of this crisis and proposes a way of healing originating from primeval cultures of the world, reflected in two mythical figures of ancient Greece: Dyonisos, the god of exstasis, and Kyron the centaur, teacher of many heroes.  We find this proposal useful and timely, because it draws from the most ancient layers of our culture, linking them to extra European ways of initiation: in our times, to find a bridge between I and the other, science and religion, nature and culture, body and mind is extremely necessary.

In the words of  Joseph Campbell, historian of religions, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces “We are not alone to experiment this adventure. Heroes from all eras came before us. The labyrinth holds no more secrets. We simply have to follow the thread along the course of the hero, and where we thought we would encounter a monster, we will find a god. Where we thought we’d kill others, we will kill ourselves. Where we thought we had to look outside, we will learn instead to find ourselves at the center of our existence.  And where we thought we would be alone, we will have the whole world at our side.”

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