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Nature and Spirit, Body and Soul, Mind and Heart, Male and Female, I and Others: beyond the dualism of our thought system, there is no separation. Discovery of fundamental unity within us and with the world brings peace, harmony, the joy to savour the gift of life and the desire to engage to build a better world. Change is possible, by re-connecting to ancient wisdom traditions from all over the world and treading on a path of awareness to find the center of our being. Our no-profit organization for the development of holistic disciplines would like to help you find your way on this path.  

We propose Yoga and meditation holidays, cultural events and residential workshops at Podere Isabella, a magical place in the heart of the val d’Orcia. We invite you to discover a wonderful and generous land around Pienza, 60 km south of Siena. Podere Isabella is available for weekly rentals all year round, and the Annex can be rented for a minimum of two days, for a week-end, a group event or individually to enjoy the beauty of the place. We also have several proposals for tailor made workshops, that must be booked well in advance, with quality teachers, in Italian and English. We look forward to welcoming you!


Tara, enlightened female energy

According to legend, a long long time ago Tara was a princess with great spiritual realizations. Several monks advised her to pray to reincarnate as a man in her next life, so as to achieve enlightenment…

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, date considered unlucky by popular superstition, is in fact a time dedicated to women, their beauty, their erotic and generative power…

The Tree of Life

In the iconography and myth of religions from all over the world, the Tree of Life is always present, often at the center: the Axis Mundi linking the underworld, where ancestors dwell, with earth and sky…

Grandmother Oak

Once upon a time in val d’Orcia, a beautiful valley of Southern Tuscany, there was an oak forest. Over the years they were all cut down, except one, called the Oak of the Magpies, for the birds…

Wounded West

The healing potential of shamanism in contemporary world

All of us modern western citizens today realize we are witness and participants a particularly intense time of transformation for humanity. The western model…

Spiritual Ecology

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback

The videos we propose this month are dedicated to Spiritual Ecology, discipline according to which respect and care for the Environment…

Nature & Spirit: a Possible Alliance?

Round Table Video

Environmentalism today has essentially a political connotation: the wish to save the Earth…

The World I’d like to live in

Video- inteviews by Ilaria Freccia

A gallery of speakers and public from the past Aurora festivals, who answer documentary director Ilaria Freccia’s…

Christimas under the World Tree

According to the shamanic world view, the Tree of Life, also called World Tree or Axis Mundi, connects three levels of existence…

Aurora Festival 2014

Thanks and photos

. . Aurora 2014 Nature & Spirit Festival THE SPIRIT OF THE EARTH . . Dear speakers, guests, supporters, local administrators, sponsors,...



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